Dvspot was founded in June 2001 by Jeff Keller. The goal of dvspot is to make it easy to consumers to research digital video camcorders and accessories, and to understand the complexities of DV. dvspot is a companion site to the popular Digital Camera Resource Page, which has been featured in major newspapers, magazines, and books.

Who makes this site happen?

Founder / Editor-in-Chief:
Jeff Keller is the 29 year old creator of several award winning web sites. PowerWatch was (and still is) the only news and support site for owners of PowerComputing computers. The Digital Camera Resource Page is one of the most popular sites covering digital cameras. Jeff also has a personal site with Disneyland info, a photo gallery from various vacations, and the San Mateo High School Alumni Email List.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from the University of California San Diego, with a minor in Art History. Jeff has worked for both Netscape and CMP Media, and now works on his websites full time.

For way more embarassing detail, visit Jeff’s About Me page.

When is the site updated?

dvspot is Jeff’s side project. It gets updated whenever he has free time, and that’s not often these days.

Where is the site located?

The dvspot business is run out of Jeff’s house in the San Francisco area. We have no office of any kind — at least, not yet. Our website is actually hosted on its own server at pair networks, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Can I advertise on your site?

You bet! Contact Jeff Keller for details.

Here are some stats from the last few years:

MonthRaw HitsPage ViewsUnique HostsData Transferred
January 20032,204,19553,34558,83952 gb
February2,324,76349,16455,75365 gb
March2,540,43457,89965,86661 gb
April3,111,18266,21273,12283 gb
May3,473,18173,78575,18698 gb
June3,177,70368,60668,19198 gb
July3,184,50965,25363,201101 gb
August3,191,85665,18062,649102 gb
September3,196,09566,58461,24398 gb
October4,037,22282,19674,261122 gb
November5,332,901102,14593,928187 gb
December6,376,136122,580122,065224 gb
January 20044,677,60891,79990,227157 gb
February4,912,22294,23994,735154 gb
March6,296,908119,071115,430216 gb
April6,290,226116,594114,403239 gb
May6,721,807125,591144,445241 gb
June7,281,335131,914152,645294 gb
July6,692,240130,642138,347264 gb
August6,144,730113,719111,696271 gb
September5,117,47797,39287,315214 gb
October4,676,25090,61983,211187 gb
November5,241,131109,44389,736217 gb
December6,410,828119,560101,836270 gb
January 20054,993,38095,24681,512184 gb
February4,764,20789,27672,453164 gb
March6,751,206126,99084,451230 gb
April4,604,453106,87764,370174 gb
May5,338,547130,58872,313183 gb
June5,084,165127,52967,165175 gb
July4,561,269151,01768,366156 gb
August5,221,064112,12078,466199 gb
September4,575,559104,28072,101166 gb
October4,427,561101,09673,808160 gb
November4,652,849106,27181,881171 gb